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Alina  Goran

Designer: Alina Goran



Colours, shapes, patterns, textures bring me lots of joy. No matter if it is design, photography or painting, art always makes me happy.

Covoare create de Alina Goran

Design: Hypnosis Handtufted

Spirals are associated with hypnosis because of their spinning effect. They usually have a point of start that leads the eyes to the center. By combining the spiral with the round shapes organised in circles, the viewer has the option to begin the journey to the core in any point. The round shapes create more motion. However, compared to a continuous line that keeps the eyes engaged, they make it easier to break the spinning effect. The design “Hypnosis” keeps you trapped only if you wish it.


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Covor Hypnosis Handtufted CVD11790

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