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Unic Lucrate de mână Lână/mătase lucioasă

Nain 9La

115x175 cm
5.112 RON
Doar 1 în stoc

Culorile covorului vor fi percepute diferit, în funcţie de unghiul din care sunt privite.

Covor Nain 9La din Persia / Iran .

This carpet is knotted in workshops in the city of Nain in central Persia, near Isfahan. The carpet is generally very light with a cream-coloured or deep-blue bottom colour and a large medallion in the centre. The high knot density and high class material makes these carpets of very high quality. They are manufactured in most sizes and the carpet is among the most beautiful in the world and very popular among collectors.

Read more about Nain carpets here...

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4.4 din 5

Allways it's a pleasure to come back here...

I had emotions when I ordered my first carpet on the CarpetVista website. but this was many years ago.When I received my first order I was very happy. First of all, is arrived faster, but the more important thing is that the carpet was more beautiful than in the pictures, the colors are truly amazing..I was very very happy! It was a great experience using your site during this years. All details regarding the product were accurate, everything was great. All my carpets are still in good shape..and allways a pleasure for new changes. Thank you and the hand-makers especially!I highly recommend!

diana gogiia

Beautiful carpets, exactly how I imagined them to be! Thank you very much. I intend to order again.

Mihaela Micu

Totul a fost foarte bine.Covorul coform asteptarilor.Serviciile OK.Inclusiv firma de curierat.

Carapali Cati


Mulțumesc pentru grija cu care va alegeți produsele. Covorul este impecabil! Mulțumesc!


Nice job

Carpets are hand made with a lot of dimensional shifts which suits me well. The firm has very skilled carpet collectors in the middle-east region, and that is why the oriental carpets leave a strong impression of authenticity and originality at the same time.

Milos Ioan

I had emotions when I ordered my first carpet on the CarpetVista website. When I received the product it was a great joy. First of all, it arrived faster than it was initially confirmed to me, something I have never encountered before. The carpet is more beautiful than in the pictures, I am very happy! I highly recommend!

Otilia Micle


Excelent, usor de utilizat, informatii clarificatoare.

Sorina M

Sunt foarte mulțumit de covorul cumpărat și m-am decis să mai cumpăr un alt covor pentru living.


Beautiful Afghan Carpet

It was a great experience using your site for purchasing my afghan carpet. All details regarding the product were accurate, the delivery was on time, everything was perfect. But most of all, my carpet is perfect! Thank you and the hand-makers especially!

Suzana Pavlov

Highly recommend

A very good high quality rugs online store. The products are of a real high quality, as described, and the images are very professional, very close to real colors. A real pleasure to buy from such a trustful store.